My only comment other than what’s posted within:

My god, he registered an email address. And is checking it. Jesus wept.

From: Lum Sucks Real Bad <>
To: Lum the Mad <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 1:36 PM
Subject: You Suck

You just recieved the Official “Suck” Award. Not only are you a whiny weeny w/ a second grade education, you have a whiny wife too! Apparently you are pissed off because you realize you’ve wasted your life and will be stuck w/ that fat thing next to you while you twiddle away at your blue collar job. WELL STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT THROUGH YOUR SITE! NO ONE LIKES YOU! YOUR JEALOUSY OF TWISTER IS APPARENT! Not only do you steal news from him, 45% of your updates are ABOUT HIM! Your not hurting him, your just giving him more traffic! So in closing, I recommend you close your site, and perhaps go back to school, maybe even get a divorce. It’s not too late!

Concerned Fan of Dr. TwisTer

From: Lum the Mad <>
To: Lum Sucks Real Bad <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 2:42 PM
Subject: Re: You Suck

Corrections and annotations to the below:

(1) I did get somewhat beyond 2nd grade
(2) My wife doesn’t whine
(3) My wife isn’t overweight
(4) My job is white collar cubicle monkey, not blue collar “Want Fries With That?”
(5) I’m not jealous of Dr. TwisTer
(6) I don’t steal news from Dr. TwisTer
(7) Somewhat less than 45% of my updates are about Dr. TwisTer
(8) I’m not interested in getting a divorce or going back to school

Other then that, what can I say, you’re dead on the money. You r00l.

From: Lum Sucks Real Bad <>
To: Lum the Mad <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 10:02 PM
Subject: Re: You Suck

Comments on the corrections:

I still don’t like you, and I’m going to tell you that. Now in slow motion: I – DON’T – LIKE – YOU! Ok there, it’s off my chest. Now go get some real news, maybe you’ll go beyond your sub domain someday.