And now we know: no matter how loudly and adamantly OSI swears that X is a bug and will be removed, if you scream loud enough, they will put it back into the game. Precasting is coming back, beeotch! As you may recall, this was removed by OSI under the argument that casting spells was something, y’know, that required massive mental concentration and traditionally didn’t mix well with hands full of swords. I applaud the tireless efforts of the “Bring back precasting beeotch” faction, and I personally request that they please consider taking up the following cause for me:

“Bring back Tyrant, Beeotch!!”

This email was sent to me last month describing what looked like a pre-casting variant on the test center. I forwarded the email to OSI at that time but they weren’t sure exactly what to tell me:

—–Original Message—–

From: *removed*

Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 6:05 PM


Subject: Precasting is possible on the new test center.

I stopped by the new test center last night to test out the new tweaks to magery and the harm spell. Harm was doing about 15 a cast which i should say is pretty strong for such a low level spell. But the real surprise came when i casted a spell and armed a weapon. As long as you equip the weapon before the targeting cursor comes up you can run around with it and hit people then drop it and fire the spell.

This is done the opposite way of the original precast since then you had to wait till the cursor was all the way up back then.
Either osi let in a huge screw up (which im betting on) or someone’s “bring back precasting beeyotch” protest was heard. Im very doubtfull of this making it to production shards but anyone who is a hardcore precast fan should check it out while the test center is still up.

Again, remember they haven’t decided the final implementation yet. This may not go live anytime soon, but in the meantime, I would get to testing this if you can. Who knows, if enough people like this bug, and they say “I meant to do that” enough times, we might be able to call it a new skill.