In a probably successful attempt to change the subject, the Dev team did a nice little infodump on the In Development page. It’s crunch time here at Lum’s Real Job but I’ll take a bit of a break to go over what carrots have been dangled:

Blue healers are going away. About goddam time.

All exceptional quality items will have a special exceptional mark. About goddam time. Grandmaster smiths and bowyers will be pissy but those of us who don’t wish to devote a good chunk of our (real) lives to master a UO trade skill will be grateful. Only GM made stuff still gets the YourNameHere Gear logo so there’s still a reason to monomaniacally make long spears for 6 months. Sort of.

Vendors will be patched to report the selling price before the buyer actually buys the item. About goddam time. I’m sorry, no sympathy for gimps who get their jollies sneaking in 10,000 gp greater heals. Get outta my yard.

Pets can’t be named “you” or “your bag”. Whatever. I guess there are still three newbies who fall for that trick.

The double slip when healing from magical assault is fixed. About goddam time.

You can heal animals with Veterinary skill. Except for some monsters, which use Healing instead. Whatever. All 2 of you veterinarians will be happy, I guess.

“Other major changes to boat functionality will be announced late next week. These changes will be designed to prevent boats from being used as permanent storage.” Grab your anatomy, boat owners, you’re about to feel the gentle caress of the New and Improved Dev Nerfers. We home owners wish you luck and promise to stop giggling.

“You will no longer get the item, “a scroll”. These items have been removed and you will now get a genuine, usable magic scroll.” Woo hoo.

“You will be able to purchase a deed that will allow you to change your character’s name. A new NPC called a “Registrar” will be available in towns and the deeds will cost 10,000 gold. You will only be able to change the name of a character once. Therefore, once you change a character’s name you will not be able to use another deed to change it again.” This would be called, I guess, the “I fucking grew up and realized that R0xx3er Th3 M1gHty was a bad name” rule.

So, while wondering what the hell to do with everything in your house, you will have genuine, usable magic scrolls. Woo!