Thanks to (a) reformatting my hard drive last week and (b) losing my old UO T2A CD, I made Origin very happy by going and buying another copy. I picked it up from Best Buy for $18.50, coincidentally, exactly as much as I paid at the same time for Nine Inch Nails’ “The Fragile” CD. So what value did I get for my money?

A massively-multiplayer online game A massively popular music CD
Live a virtual life in Britannia, adventuring with your companions, baking bread, or making your mark in one of many online communities Live a virtual life in Trent Reznor’s head, watching and waving as you pass the various key points in his life such as “he was depressed”, “he got laid” and “he discovered life isn’t really all bad when you’re a millionaire rock star”
You can be killed (“PK’d”) at any point while playing, unless you remain in one of the designated safe guard zones. No one has yet to be reported killed while listening to this CD.
Bugs have plagued Ultima Online since its release. CD played flawlessly the first time
Large community of fans obsessively discuss every possible permutation of game mechanics Large community of fans obsessively discuss every possible permutation of Trent Reznor’s mechanics
Hundreds of volunteer “counselors” are on hand at all hours, day or night, to help you should the game perplex you No volunteers exist to help you should the CD perplex you
After the first month, your credit card will be billed $10.00 a month should you wish to continue playing. After the first month, you can still play the CD as much as you want
Now that Everquest and Asheron’s Call have arrived to market, many wonder if Ultima Online’s time has passed “The Fragile” is pretty cool, but Art of Noise’s “The Seduction of Claude Debussy” just owns