This Is Monday And This Is Your Hit and Run

Expect more of these reblogged quickies as work expects me to, you know, work, and stuff, making it difficult to budget more than 5 minutes for snark.

With Enough Generations Of Cloning The DNA Breaks Down: Nerfbat says “Stop cloning World of Warcraft“, then defines not cloning World of Warcraft as “cloning World of Warcraft, minus a few annoyances in the interface”. HRose and Raph both call him on it within minutes of each other. Transcontinental blogosphere GO!

It Won’t Work Until You Give It A Chance To LIVE!: The players of World of Warcraft discover the eternal dilemma of LFG systems: until a critical mass of people use them, no one uses them. Players bitch. Netheara bitches back. D-0ne bitches at Netheara. Meanwhile, the gnomes still have not retaken Gnomeregan and it is all your fault.