At least they can if you’re a flight attendant.

“I never thought I would get in trouble because of the blog. I thought if they had a problem, someone would have said something before taking action.”

…”They did not tell me which pictures they had a problem with. I am just assuming it was the one of me posing on seats where my skirt rode up,” she said.

Delta Airlines is shocked, shocked, they tell you, that people would assume that their flight attendants were ever sexualized.

Rest assured, I like my job, so you will see no pictures posted of myself reclining while wearing hose. It’s for the best, really.

In further Fear of a Blogged Planet news, found this on boingboing:

(PR client) is a market intelligence and media analysis services firm. (PR client) is working with F1000 companies who are using our services to Manage and Monitor Digital Influencers (such as blogs, message boards, user groups, complaint sites, etc.) as an intelligence and threat awareness tool. (Person’s name), CEO could talk to you about ‘What F1000 Companies are doing to take action against bloggers’ and ‘How companies are taking steps to protect their corporate reputations from bloggers/digital influencers.’

Goddamn bloggers. Next thing you know, people will start talking to each other about stuff! And learning how to read and write! Aren’t they just supposed to be watching commercials on TV?