This Just In: Lyndon LaRouche Still Loves You

As seen by a LaRouche stalker blog commenter, the LaRouche Youth are enjoying their moment of cathode-ray sun.

The reactions to the evidently competent, recently published LPAC exclusive “Halo 3: The ‘Third Wave’ of Destroying the U.S.”, as received by its authors in the form of “Letters to the Editor” by swarms of agitated Internet-addicts, reinforce the simple points outlined, but not understood by its relevant audience, due to certain, cumulative effects of turning over the sovereign function of creativity to a Tweener-oriented culture of “groupthink”, as typified by Ayn Rand’s

The sacrificing of one’s will to a higher commitment toward the Common Good would be appreciated by future generations. But to sacrifice one’s will to the third-wave of the counter-culture fostered by DARPA, Microsoft, BAE Systems, and the new religious revival known as the Fools of Silicon Valley, is to submit to America’s long-standing enemy—the British Empire!

Sadly, despite the title,  nowhere does the screed mention either Halo 3 or Abu Ghraib, but instead reads like a randomly edited Prokofy Neva rant on Wikipedia. The Queen was reportedly not amused.