This Just In: We Can't Trust Any Of You With Those Body Parts You Think About, Like, All The Time

GLAAD announces they are going to combat homophobia in game communities. Joshua Meadows (sometime commenter here, frequent commenter on Second Life issues, and I suspect, you know, may be that way) has a few things to say about it.

I believe, after years of experience inside these environments, any plan that is little more than “Let’s ask the players to be nicer to each other,” is utterly doomed to failure. By the same extension, however, any plan that demands companies adopt an authoritarian stance against homophobic behavior is going to end up increasing vitriol against gay players.

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In case you think he might be overreacting a tad: EA encourages convention-goers to molest their employees for valuable prizes. My reaction to this pretty much exactly matches Jeremy Preacher’s.

I understand that abysmally stupid ideas get floated in meetings all the time, but at a billion-dollar company like EA, you’d think SOMEONE would have the basic common sense to put a stop to a FUCKING CONTEST TO SEE WHO CAN HARASS YOUR EMPLOYEES THE MOST.

Tune in next week, when more people say things before and better than I could!