This Week, Cosmik Updated More Often Than I Did

So, I got no excuse for why I haven’t been writing here. Work’s been busy, but that pretty much stays as a constant. We moved to a new house, but, well, we’ve BEEN moved, and this is about the third move this year anyway so I’ve gotten awfully good at dodging the worst by paying other people to do it for me. The industry’s been kind of in meh-mode, but, well, it’s been in meh-mode for how long now? Oh yeah, since WoW launched and took our creativity with it. Right.

So, some random hits since that’s about all I can do when my muse takes a holiday:

– Community Relations managers have their own blog now. It’s, like, a community about communities. Meta!

– Eve’s Magnus Bergsson talks a bit about their design with Shacknews.

– Brad McQuaid, in a thread on, says that Vanguard is so not going to be all brown and gray like EQ2. No, instead they’re going to be brown, gray and PURPLE. So, uh, yeah, take that, haters! Innovation, thy name is diku.