This Week’s “RMT Is Rilly Cool” Story

…is here. Apparently, done with the help of IGE for fact checking.

“Twenty to 30 percent of gamers out there in the world object to the buying and selling of assets in the virtual world. … They don’t feel it’s fair. They think it’s cheating,” said Thomas Morelli, a spokesman for IGE, a major broker of online items.

Many gaming companies, such as Blizzard Entertainment, developer of the globe’s most popular game, World of Warcraft, ban the resale of virtual assets. The company has shut tens of thousands of players’ accounts, but can’t seem to halt the trade.

Millions of gamers think the trade is fine. A thriving business has popped up on auction giant eBay and other sites selling virtual assets. Buyers say they want to enjoy the games without spending hundreds of hours working up to levels where it gets fun and frisky.

You hear that? MILLIONS. You cranky curmudgeons tired of monopolized content and spam in your virtual emails are just blips in the New Millenium!

The article does have a lot of interesting anecdotes about life in Fujian’s newest growth industry, something I suspect IGE has much source material on.