Interesting writeup on “what is wrog with MMOs anyway?” here. Interesting in that, well, he actually proposes some solutions instead of the usual “hey, treadmills suck! I don’t know what to do about it, but gosh, they suck!” So I’ll have more to say on it, including a SirBrucing of his solution later when I have time to pontificate further.

Doom 3 is out. Well, it’s on Suprnova! (If you don’t know what that is, I’m not telling you.) You know it’s bad when even the BBC knows you’ve been pirated. Apparently Best Buy released it a few days early to a few stores and, well, it showed up on the pirate sites immediately. No connection, I’m sure. Damn, iD sure gets burned by other people a lot. First the E3 tech demo link, now this. Wonder if it can be quantified how much money it costs them. Oh wait, it can! Discussion here and also here.

So with that there’s a lot of discussion about Starforce, the new copy protection schema that is impossible to crack and has the minor side effect of destroying your peripherals. People were terrified that Activision/iD would have Starforce on Doom 3, which would have made it impossible to stealmorally rephrensible to support. Heated discussion here. As for my opinion… anyone remember the Atari ST? The PC game market will follow it if piracy isn’t stemmed. Of course as someone who works for the one segment of the gaming market NOT crippled by piracy I guess I have room to pronounce from the mountaintop.

And speaking of the pronouncing, you saw the three links. The baby is me. I’m crying like a baby because after a solid week of flying around the country I get to do it again – I’ll be manning Mythic’s GenCon booth 8/19-22. Come throw Diet Coke, I’ll be thirsty… so thirsty. Oh, and for the love of god, you know.