Looks like the curtain is up on Earth And Beyond, Westwood’s new space age MMOG. “Computer and Video Games” magazine has some screenshots included in a writeup on their website. They look, um, purty.

New details have also been released. According to EA, hundreds of thousands of players will be able to play online simultaneously through “Our goal is simple: put gamers in the middle of a science fiction space epic and make them the stars,” said Eric Wang, producer of Earth and Beyond. “They will be the heroes and villains, the rogue warriors, valiant space knights, explorers, smugglers, miners, scientists, capitalists and more. We want players to feel like they can do just about anything in this game, become whoever they want to become.”…

…Also confirmed today is the ability to land on planets and explore the ground. If that isn\’e2\’80\’99t enough for you, you\’e2\’80\’99ll be able to nose around moons, nebulas, starports, stargates, black holes, capital ships and heaps of other spacey type places.

Meanwhile, Major Tom was still trying to contact Ground Control.