UO Stratics is reporting that OSI has tapped Tom “Evocare” Chilton as the replacement for the recently departed Paul Sage as Lead Designer for Ultima Online. Dwight “Melantus” Spaulding, UO’s Online Community Coordinator, was quoted by Stratics as saying,

He is extremely talented and knows a lot about gaming and design. He is a great choice.

Evocare was hired along with Pete “Adrick” Warner from the Battle Vortex web site.

Bryan “Tajima” Walker was also confirmed to continue as Producer of UO (he had previously shared the position with the recently departed Kirk “Runesabre” Black) and Rick “Stellerex” Hall continues to run the place as Senior Producer. Previously he had assisted with the Third Dawn expansion.

We’ve also recieved an unconfirmed report that David “Spin Dragon” Swofford, head of public relations for OSI, has turned in his notice and is planning on joining Sage and Black at Destination Games.