Dwight “Melantus” Spaulding just posted on the boards that he had resigned his post as UO Community Coordinator.

Stellerex\’e2\’80\’99s comments about the UO team being larger than ever before are definitely true, and there\’e2\’80\’99s more momentum here now than there has been since I can remember. UO will continue to grow and improve, and there are some really good ideas being considered here. Calandryll\’e2\’80\’99s Event Design team is moving in full force and has only just begun to really shine. More great things are coming from them in the future. Evocare is heading up the Design group, and is a very capable Lead Designer. Prophet is showing his talent and abilities in his Lead Programming position. Cynthe has been working to see that communication with the players remains a vital part of the service, and is stepping up as Community Manager.

I asked Melantus what his next job would be, and he had no comment on his final destination.