When I first got to Origin, I was actually keen on using a name I’ve used in roleplaying games for a long time. Xavia.. but, as a community person, I felt that perhaps I should allow myself to be named by the community.

The first place I started talked to people was on the Horizon’s board, for the Ascension crowd.. and I proposed this to them. They took to the idea like fish to water.

RG’s pet name for my position was the “Minister of Information” and I shared that detail with the board. After a couple of iterations on the M.O.I. theme, Lady MOI was chosen by the group, and I accepted the name.

When we put the official Ascension boards up at Origin, they technology didn’t allow for spaces, and so the space between Lady and MOI was dropped. LadyMOI.

There ya go…

I still like the name “Spin Dragon”. But I’ll accept that we in the UO community take second place to those U:A dweebs. However, I think LadySpinMOIDragon had a pretty cool idea. So let’s rename Lum! What do you think I should be named? Dippy Dragon? Scourge of Binky? A$$r0x0R? Send em in.