Told You I Was Hardcore

NotAddicted has a review of every MMO to date’s attempt to make a HaRDc0RE PVP server. Worth a read/chuckle.

In most cases, the amount of people who beg for a hardcore PvP server is infinitely greater than the amount people who will actually play it for more than a week.

Nobody creates their evil Orc Shadowknight and imagines that one day he\’e2\’80\’99ll be crying and begging a PK for his +2 cloak back, or goes out of his way to avoid PvP in fear of getting embarrassed again. They imagine their level 352 Orc crushing wave upon wave of newbie roleplaying paladins, because they have a master plan, a little secret that nobody else thought of: \’e2\’80\’9cI\’e2\’80\’99m going to get lots of levels and items!\’e2\’80\’9d Their dream is crushed when they find that 3,000 other people have the same plan, and back to the normal server they go.