Tonight, on a very special episode of “Diff’rent Strokes”…

PC Gamer Just Says No (via TN)

For the record, PC Gamer\’e2\’80\’99s official stance on these types of companies is that they are despicable: not only do they brazenly break many MMOs\’e2\’80\’99 End-User License Agreements, but they all-too-often ruin legitimate players\’e2\’80\’99 fun.

To put it mildly, we here at PCG are furious that these types of ads ever made it into the magazine. We know that their presence has upset you, too, because we\’e2\’80\’99ve received, read, and sympathized with all of your emails saying so.

After months of behind-the-scenes talks with our sales department, I\’e2\’80\’99m extremely proud to announce that starting with last month\’e2\’80\’99s issue, PC Gamer will no longer accept ads or ad dollars from Gold Farmers. Screw them. As a company, we have agreed to turn down what literally amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual ad revenue so that you, as a reader, can game easy knowing that we\’e2\’80\’99ve got your back. I challenge my fellow PC gaming mags and websites to follow our path and to help us close down these bastard companies by attrition.

I’ve always been more of a CGW and CGM guy myself… but you go, Vede. You go.