Today was my last day at NCsoft.

Although there are plenty of rumors flying around about what’s going on at NCsoft this week, most of them are pretty overhyped. However, my team was let go as part of ‘refocusing’. I’m sure there will be some sort of press release to that effect shortly.

I don’t hold any ill will about any of this. NCsoft enabled me to move to Austin, a city I love, and gave me one hell of a shot. It didn’t work out quite the way I had hoped, but I learned a great deal in the process. All in all, a pretty fair deal.

Next week, I’ll be starting at John Galt Games working on Webwars. It’s not quite an MMO, but it does share some similarities with where I think gaming needs to go (hint: $100 million budgets are BAD or at least very dangerous to long term stability and creativity). It’s a small company, and I get along great with the guys there already – it’s the first time that a Hearts of Iron 2 after action report actually played a role in the interview process.

Anyway, I wish everyone at NCsoft the best, both those still there and those hitting the streets looking for work. It’s not a good time to look for work in the Austin games industry right now – but it is an excellent time to put a kick-ass MMO team together (and if you are so inclined drop me a line, I have a whole list of people you should be talking to).

That’s all for now. It’s been a rollercoaster of a past few weeks.

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