Trouble Amidst The Gold Fields?

While visiting the blog for yet another wacky SL story (“Sweden establishes an embassy in SL! OMG!“) I noted something interesting; some anonymous comments to a very old story about IGE’s acquisitions, that read as though they are sour grapes from persons recently let go.

Bear in mind this is just random anonymous comments, and thus could be just fantasy, but the level of detail is, if nothing else, easy enough for Real Journalists(tm) to confirm!

ige is not profitable. they bought the korean rmt platforms with investment money they got from goldman sachs. but now gs wants its money back because they discovered that ige did not fully disclose financials. ige is in the process of trying to sell allakhazam and thottbot to raise the money to pay them back. they are closing the office in california and relocating everything to china so they can’t be sued. another thing i heard is that they are hiring a new ceo and cfo and plan to offshore all their money and assets to china until they can sell what is left of the business in the usa. also that the guys running the company are trying to hide money from the investment that they got in swiss bank accounts and trying to change the name of the company. a lot of people have lost their jobs there in the last few weeks and they think there is something big going to happen in january or february because they closed the california office and told everyone there is no forwarding address.

Its not surprising IGE is going down. The two owners Yantis and Alan who were the brains of the business left beginning of last year (I wonder why) and now those people who are running it are jokers. I’m sure anyone who has dealt with them would agree. It will be interesting to see what trick IGE and goldman sachs will pull out this year with half their management team gone