Many observers have said that Playnet/CRS would need to do something dramatic to make up for the shoddy state of World War 2 Online’s release; today they announced a move in that direction., Cornered Rat Software and Strategy First announced today that they will be \’e2\’80\’9cstopping the clocks\’e2\’80\’9d on the free 30 day trial period they are giving players that have purchased a retail copy of World War II Online.

\’e2\’80\’9cWe\’e2\’80\’99re working to catch up with the overwhelming response to the game\’e2\’80\’99s release and having to scale our infrastructure to address it. Until we are able solve some of these challenges, we want people to be able to experience the game without losing days from their free trial period,\’e2\’80\’9d says Al Corey, Marketing Manager for

You probably already knew this if you were one of “the chosen few”. A spy behind PlayNet lines reports:

First off I want to say that you make some good points about the game in its current state. One thing you didn’t mention is how the developers are also playing “favorites” right now. The “Closed beta” testers, who are also the ones who run around kissing ass and yelling at everyone to return the game if they don’t like the wait etc. etc. get access to special info and have their own little secret updates page, which shows, among other things, up to the minute stats on the servers and # of people online.

This really fucking disgusts me, that on top of everything else, the company has a chosen few asskissers that it keeps in its confidence, while the rest of us paying customers are left out in the goddamn cold. These “closed beta” testers walk around high and mighty, and anyone who bitches about the state of the game, they instantly gangbang saying how they are whining idiots, why by god, what gives you the right to expect to PLAY the game you bought? Why, you should count yourself lucky there was a fucking CD in the box, according to their logic.

The war rages on. Oh, and sometimes in the game, too.