As you may have heard by now, the GodGames family has decided to move on and do something new.

Take 2 decided to stop funding the shitty and unfinished games we were publishing.

We had a great run in the gaming business, released some fun titles, and threw some hellacious parties.

We tried to lure you with girls and beer to get you to buy the shitty games we were publishing but it didn’t work.

Along the way, we made a lot of friends. If you\’e2\’80\’99re receiving this email, you\’e2\’80\’99re one of them.

You were on the GodGames mailing list. We are hard up for customers and you are the first lucky sap… err we mean loyal Godgames customer that we are going to try to con… err we mean introduce you to our latest endeavor.

Later this month, we\’e2\’80\’99ll officially announce SubstanceTV, a DVD-based videomagazine that will be devoted to high-quality interactive feature stories, and a wealth of short films, documentaries, music videos, movie and game trailers, and more.

After having been at the forefront of two gaming companies and watched them fail under my leadership and direction, I shall now devote my energies to the publishing industry. Maybe I can buy another car with company funds and wreck it before this one goes bankrupt too.

It\’e2\’80\’99s an idea whose time has come, and we\’e2\’80\’99re proud to be creating a product that will go beyond the limitations of mass media and network programming to explore the people, ideas, and events that bring real meaning to life\’e2\’80\’a6

Girls! Girls! Girls! Boobies! Yay!

Hence, the name \’e2\’80\’98Substance\’e2\’80\’99.

I, too, look good in a skirt.

We\’e2\’80\’99ve already launched the SubstanceTV site, and are using the interim to contact all of our friends in the gaming community and invite you to become among the first to subscribe. We have no doubt that SubstanceTV will appeal to the tech-savvy, independent spirit of gamers.

Take2 quit paying us and we need your money. Badly. For the
girls… err we mean children.

So, if you\’e2\’80\’99ve ever enjoyed the GodGames E3 experience, attended one of our release parties, or been a fan of our games, we hope that you will seriously consider becoming a Charter Subscriber and help us to make SubstanceTV everything we know it can be.

We didn’t mention the lapdances at the CPL because that little marketing scheme sorta backfired on us. But if you were there and enjoyed it, subscribe to Substance today!

A 10-issue subscription for 2002 is only $14.95, and we will distribute an Introductory Issue to all new subscribers in November of this year. If you change your mind after seeing the Introductory Issue, your subscription price will be credited back to your card at your request.

Sort of like how we kissed off Shadowbane.

Thanks in advance. We hope you\’e2\’80\’99ll take a moment to visit the site and order your subscription, then join us in our journey to find the real essence of life.

Show us your Substance.

That’s the new word we are using instead of ‘boobies!’