The picture of the irritable smurf sent in yesterday elicited some comment, as well as some healthy skepticism from this guy:

Come on Lum, who knows what the smurf said. People make up stories all the time to get attention or just to be malicious.

What the smurf really could have said


Then again, we have this report:

If I’m not mistaken, Slade would be one of the original counselors coming from the era of post-bassanio pre-ironwill reign of terror on the C program. I should know, I was part of it 🙂 If Slade of LS is indeed the counselor Slade i’m thinking of, it would

1) Make quite a bit of sense (Slade was one of those guys that would draw crowds of people around him going “ur mufh betr than gms”)

2) Cause me to belive he either got kicked or quit the counselor program (I quit due to creative differences to my SRC… we didn’t get along. That and the whole thing was and still is a joke)

I, for one, completely agree with your views on the volunteer program. In my time, the SRC’s would hire twice as many counselors as they needed, because they knew that either they would quit because it wasn’t as r33t as they thought, or because they exploited every possible loophole in the system. And the age limit is pretty much a joke also. I knew counselors that were decent fellows that would of gotten hit by that rule. I was under 25 also, yet I was a C for almost a year. I seriously doubt that system will ever work like its intended to.

On a side note, there certainly are more idiots in the C program then before… maybe they should have a requirement for you to write a 200 word essay on your life in UO or why you want to help the UO community. That’ll kill about 90% dewds.

A former Counselor. I’d prefer to stay anon (Kyra would have my head)