Niami, kneebiter cleric (or as I call it, EQ’s ghetto booty class – sitting on your ass as often as they do makes some impressive posteriors) of some repute issued a FINAL GODDAM WARNING to her loyal constituents on the Tunare, All-Mother of Love and Fuzzling, server.

Apparently Niami, who didn’t already have enough battlespam in the Plane of Hate, was deluged last night with messages ranging from “wll u sell me phat lewtz” to “wll u give me phat recipeez,” and, goddammit, she’s had ENOUGH.

Oddly enough, her <a href=”http://www.eqtraders.com/secrets/recipes_velious.htm”phat recipeez are ALL available on the website that made her ‘famous,’ excluding the half or so of Velious recipes that are STILL BROKEN. Cleanup for Ester on aisle four…

Maybe if Ester were to actually, you know, LOOK at recipes like oak tannin and such, there wouldn’t be only a small group of hard-core tradeskillers like Niami that are actually willing to sit through hours of the ever-famous “Items do not combine in those quantities to produce anything.” message to find the handful that DO work.

Then there would be more people than just HER to be phat lewt provider to the world, which would be nice because, surprise, most trade skills have joined jewelcrafting in the USEFUL category. And the new religious jewelcrafting is useful, EXCEPT FOR EVERYONE WHO WORSHIPS GODS OTHER THAN SOLUSEK RO. All other deities, apparently, are not part of the phat lewt Vision. And I’m sure Niami, who being a cleric probably hasn’t made a piece of jewellery in her life, gets bugged for these as well.

But I guess that’s the price she pays for being famous.

-smug grin-