Tweety, previously known for posting hilarious streams of consciousness profanity and being banned by Verant for it, has a new job: Mythic’s Internet Relations Manager for Dark Age of Camelot.

Yeah, that’s right. In one of those weird twists of fate that proves that the god of my existence has one sick twisted sense of humor, I am now employed as Mythic’s edition of Abashi. Please direct all complaints about me being a sell out corporate whore to www.I Don’t See You Paying For My Health

What’s this mean for my site? Not much and everything. Not much in that I am going to keep it, and continue bitching and moaning. Everything in that for some reason, my new employer thinks it would be unprofessional to rant about the Company Formerly Identified as the Evil Empire. Since I am really, really sick of ramen noodles, and my dog needs shots, and my contact lenses are two years old, I agreed. Also, Mythic’s CEO bought me a bagel.

Yes, but did it have cream cheese? I anxiously await the first juicy Camelot scandals. Then again, Tweety is probably the first Internet Relations Manager who could beat me up.