Two of the longer-running questions answered

Whenever MMO devs get together there’s always the standard questions.

“Where’s the alcohol?”
“Are you hiring?”
“How many users do you have now?”
“No, really, I’m not kidding, where’s the alcohol.”
“WTF is up with Blizzard, anyway? WoW cost like, 100 million dollars to make, right?”

Well, no one will tell me where the alcohol is, but we now have the answer to the last question, thanks to Schild of F13 who has a front page now and everything. According to Vivendi, WoW cost $63m (50m euros, at today’s exchange rate) over 4 1/2 years.

This is relevant, since Vivendi also dropped the bomb that Blizzard will be making MMOs now from every other franchise they have. Which answers question 2, “Are they working on World of Starcraft or just on crack?”. Anyway, no other sourcing at this time. So if World of Lost Vikings never comes out, blame Schild.