Three reblogs

From Joystiq and other places: E3 to clean up its act, thousands of models to return to the porn industry. Thank god. Here’s a radical thought – maybe this year, I can go to E3 and, oh, I don’t know, get hands-on time with new games coming out next year. It’s a wacky concept, but it Just! Might! Work! (Edit: OK, false alarm. Everyone back to your boobiecams.)

From Greg Costikyan: Someone is so missing the point here. When Disney repackages the music you listened to as a sullen teenager in a perky kid-friendly brand, you know you’re REALLY old. This is NOT my beautiful house.

And finally, Something Awful teaches us the finer points of MMO etiquette. You should listen to them, as Goon guilds are ALWAYS paragons of virtue and kindness.