You know, sledding around the ice-strewn pathways that our interstate highway system has become, I came back (before checking my own website, mind you) this morning to check my email and found the following statement in my email:

Just for the record… We/g.o.d., employ not one, not 2, but 5 women.

Jeff Smith

Preacher of the Word

Gathering of Developers (

Well, that’s nice, I thought to myself. Someone must have posted about breasts. And you know what? They did!

The second statement for the record is by me, on behalf of gamers everywhere – if a half naked woman handed me a free game, I’d be all over that. I mean, what, nudity, free stuff, women empowering themselves through the proud display of their natural beauty, what’s not to like?

Anyway, I obviously just don’t get it, so I’ll be quiet now and read the rest of my own website to see why people are emailing me about how many people with breasts are on their payroll and whether or not they are asked to display them to drooling fanboys at trade shows.