Two turntables and a blogophone.

A programming note: The preceding picture was not a cruel commentary on the unknown fates of others, nor a veiled commentary on the supposed fate of myself. It was a picture from IRC that I thought was humorous on multiple levels. Oh well. Given the first link, not the best time to slap up pictures of twentysomethings grimly firing people from remote.

Politics rapidly got boring again. Damn it, Howard Dean, you let us down. Where is the red meat on CNN now? Alas, it will be the refighting of Bush/Dukakis, only without Kerry tooling around in a tank with a really stupid-looking helmet. Although Bush could do that. Then it really WOULD be a complete rerun!

I now have a time cube on my desk. No, really!

Another programming note: I will be at GDC next month, and further points in the months after, culimnating in yet another E3 where I stare into the lights while the loud noises intone and my sanity bleeds out of my ears while I wear comfortable shoes. Sounds fun, huh!