Tyrant is the Head Man in Charge of The UO Service including Customer Service (among other things) at Origin, and has been known to have an opinion or two.


We do have occasional problems with the quality and consistency of delivering of service to the players and these issues tend to get broadcast as if it is our planned mode of operation.

We deal with these issues as soon as they are bought to our attention, and I’m sure most of you can understand why we can’t broadcast to our customers when we do personnel actions (even with volunteers) in today’s litigious society. What all players want is to have confidence that any service issue taken care of and that we don’t condone less than quality service.

The uoconcerns@uo.com email address is specifically for any kind of employee or volunteer service complaints and we do investigate each of them individually using our logging capabilities. This is not for game design issues, bugs or policy complaints, but only for reporting service representative incidents.

I don’t think the players ever want us to be satisfied with the level of service we are providing. I do think we are delivering better service based on the metrics I see. These “corruption” stories from the past set us back by damaging consumer confidence but our service trends are moving in the right direction. We will continue to improve the training, monitoring and management of our service personnel. I can promise you that without reservation.