TYRANTS NEVER SLEEP [Author: wirehead]

Tyrant decided to spend Y2K on our gimped message board. Here’s some excerpts.

Housing normally decays for people who leave the game (for any reason, including bannings). For the large exploiter bannings done recently we specifically deleted the housing and contents, with a couple of unfortunate exceptions. In the future, expect people banned to have the related possessions deleted in total rather than waiting for decay to occur.

People should not get new accounts after being banned. We no longer want their business and they will be banned again when discovered. Expect a lot of this activity early next year.

I heard you say on one of the Battle Vortex shows that you don’t ban people that get new accounts after being banned, because some people change their ways (like me – I’m such a good boy).

We will grant amnesty for some previously banned people dependent on their current record and previous offenses.

Account hackers, exploiters and racists are not welcome at any time in Ultima Online.

P.S. Don’t ask for details, I’m not giving any. 🙂