UBERMOB WRAP-UP [Author: Snowspinner]


She died. She dropped gimp loot. A lot of high elves cried, but they didn\’e2\’80\’99t tell anyone, because they were too manly. There’s no real news here, but you can take it as a license to make “elves are gay” jokes in the discussion thread. Just, like, make them funny and stuff.

The Avatar of War

He died. His loot wasn’t gimpy. It also wasn’t Primal Velium, but we’ve already discussed my issues with that. Of course, as you know, after the second time he died, Verant nerfed the hell out of charm. A few floundering attempts at communication later, Verant managed to explain that there was a bug that made pets get much, much more hate than they were supposed to. I’ll refrain from comment on whether or not the nerf was really the smartest way to deal with this problem, but I will continue to suggest that maybe Verant should have known in advance that this was going to set off a shitstorm, and had an explanation out in the first place, instead of letting the cries of “NERFING BASTARDS” grow as loud as they did.

Since the last patch, though, the giants in Kael have been restored to their previously charmable state. Of course, once they did that mage pets stopped casting spells. But they fixed that. Of course, then the Necromancers started claiming their pets had been nerfed. Verant claims otherwise. Damned if I know what’s going on there. No doubt the Beastlord pets would be broken too, if they were implemented yet.

This doesn’t quite mean the Avatar of War is going to go down again, of course, because those convenient giant pets with complete heal aren’t gonna be getting quite so much hate. Since guilds tend to not like to tell you their kill schedules in advance, I didn’t bother asking around to see if Legacy of Steel or Shock of Swords had any plans to go make the kill again. Still, good luck to whoever does it. Me, I’m rooting for Triton, but that’s because they’re absolutely crazy.

The Sleeper

Well, aside from an off-handed comment in an Ask Brad column, Verant hasn’t made any comments on this one way or another on this kill. They certainly haven’t admitted whether the script was broken or not. You can judge for yourself based on the description here. Mobhunter also reports here on some details as to what went on between the kill and the patch. Basically, the Sleeper didn’t respawned, nor did any of the Warders, leaving The Rathe a server wondering nervously whether their server was now completely screwed out of Primal Velium forevermore. Why the discussion on this topic was over on Fires of Heaven’s boards is beyond me, but I’ll just trust that there’s a larger reason behind all of this.

A quick chat with Yinkin, member of Blood of the Spider, confirms that this problem has in fact been squared away with the last patch, and that the Sleeper is resting soundly in its tomb once again. Barring any nerfs to the warders, we can only hope that next time Verant gets its script working right.

And there we have it. The ubermobs, two weeks later. On the whole, I have to admit relative disappointment here. I mean, three of the biggest kills in EQ, things that had, previously, provided constant fodder for “What will happen when…” games amongst my friends, came out to be either bug-ridden, reacted to with a poorly handled nerf, or a complete and utter disappointment.

So much for the climax of Velious. Better luck with Luclin?