Page One: A Revealing glimpse of The Women of Third Dawn.

After at least one patch to make them “less masculine”, the women of Ultima Online: Third Dawn have been flaunting their new look in a manner most unbecoming a woman of refinement. not a natural redhead

Clearly not a natural red-head, this exhibit in exhibitionism is brought to you by the letter V and the folks at Origin Systems, itself a red-headed subsidiary of Electronic Arts. Her turn ons are true black sandals, walks in the park, and Trammel. Her turn offs are ctrl, alt, and delete. And what Minax’s Secret Catalog would be complete without a daring little thong courtesy of the electrifying Watts, one of The Chosen Ones. I dare you not to be twitterpated by this sexy little number. Oh to be in Vesper, now that spring is here.

Page Two: Our First Official “Tyrant wouldn’t have tolerated this” update

Dor of Sonoma probably needs no introductions. If this is a name unfamiliar to you, then I cannot help thee with that. As proprietor extraordinaire of the Sonoma YMCA (a famous public institution on Sonoma blessed umpteen times by the Seer Santa) has been the target of persistent harassment by UO thugs who think that creating characters with the same name, same guild title, same clothing, and almost identical guild name in order to PK new visitors to the famous public establishment is perfectly acceptable. Perhaps when I put it that way, it is – but you might want to read her own account of how predominant and persistent these thugs are at breaking down Dor’s character by virtually stealing her online identity and then posting shots of her in less than flattering circumstances. I know for a fact that while he was still doing that sort of thing, Calandryll was made aware of the situation and that he passed the information to the right people. I know for a fact that Leilo knows about it (albeit a recent discovery). The bottom line is that someone somewhere is napping at his desk (Paging Doctor Leverett…Paging Doctor Leverett) now that there are no Tyrants down the hall. Compare for yourself:

The real Dor of Sonoma

The fake Dor of Sonoma

Dor of Sonoma’s Guild

Fake Dor of Sonoma’s Guild

And to really put this into perspective, here’s a list of other fake Dors who are participating in this harassment:

fake Dor #2

fake Dor #3

fake Dor #4

fake Dor #5

fake Dor #6

fake Dor #7

Oh and just to prove that OSI hasn’t been totally ignoring Dor’s situation, a month ago when she tried to get some help in this, the fake Dor Union managed to get AN ARCH COMPANION to TAKE DORS HOUSE AWAY FROM HER*. After clearing the ban list, this HIGH RANKING MEMBER OF A WHACKED VOLUNTEER PROGRAM OTHER THAN SEERS told Dor that if she banned another person from the YMCA, it would be taken over by OSI. This TOP RANKING MEMBER OF THE COMPANION VOLUNTEER PROGRAM then told the fake Dors that if any of them were banned again, to email her and she would have them unbanned. All this under the watchful and approving eye of a NON-VOLUNTEERING PAYCHECK EARNING ORIGIN SYSTEMS HIRED GAME MASTER IN RED. If ever there needed to be an excuse to dismantle the entire “ANY GIVEN VOLUNTEER” program, this would be it. With Eidolon conveniently railroaded out of OSI, one wonders who is minding the store. Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

By the way, I hyperlinked my ass off in this story – my apologies to anyone reading this and actually expecting all the links to work the first time. If four of them work, I consider that an accomplishment.

*sources i spoke with today for background information conflicted, the majority using the word “seer” instead of “companion” – forgive me if I was unable to differentiate one fucked up volunteer program for another fucked up volunteer program. I will try to avoid adding unmerited criticisms to a Seer program already up to its volunteer assbone in correctly designated criticisms. They have their hands full without any additional help.

Page Three: Comments from a programmer: [5,8,2,3]

Adrick is back and he’s got something to say. You can read the whole text here. I fed this into the Universal Translator and then scanned it with the Docu-Condenser to come up with the following summary:

Factions: I’m really really really sorry.

Localization: I’m really really really sorry.

Factions redux: I’ve learned some things while working on factions and localization. By the way, are you aware of anything in factions that might need to be fixed? If so, please tell me what it is.