I, like Rico here, also hope EA goes under for their mental shortcomings. It is unfortunate they dont quite grasp the concept of “learning” yet. How they make money is beyond me, but hey.. they do it, and I applaud them.. because its hard to make money when your not very bright like that.

Malt Refund, uo2.xrgaming.net>

No, UO is not going to crash and burn right away but it will eventually. In case they have not noticed, there is a hell of a lot of competition coming out with games in the next year or two. Games that were made after learning from UO\’e2\’80\’99s successes, and more importantly, its mistakes. At least one game with fans at least as rabid as Ultima fans (and you can bend your Wookie too). Obviously, this was a calculated business move except nobody here understands the reasoning behind it. Is it to slowly force a shut down of any remaining OSI activity? Because nothing else makes sense to me. UO isn\’e2\’80\’99t going to be the breadwinner forever and now there is nothing to take its place. UO Third Dawn is nice. New lands, new monsters, a 3d client with new and improved bugs. However, new 3D wrapping paper on an old game doesn\’e2\’80\’99t make the product appealing to the market that would have been brought in by UWO:O. Unless I was wrong in my assumption that bringing in new gamers to your product is considered a good thing…

…They\’e2\’80\’99ve lost something much harder to overcome today. Loyalty from Ultima Fans..scratch that loyalty from paying customers. We\’e2\’80\’99ve heard it, said it and meant it before. But this time they took away all the hope and excitement for the future of a game with fantastic potential. And now, not only will we not believe you when you say “TRUST US”, we won\’e2\’80\’99t even trust you to get a game out at all. This time they took away from the core of a deeply rooted fanbase that, if nothing else, was devoted to the lore of their games…

Its time for the cynic to cancel her UO accounts. I\’e2\’80\’99m finished.


Niobe, uo2.xrgaming.net

How can any thinking person expect UO to retain its current customer base once the “second generation MMOGs” start coming out? How many UO players are just biding their time until “something new” comes out? Without another game to pick up UO’s slack, what’s to become of OSI?

Does anyone really think “Third Dawn” will help? IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK.

No, I haven’t thought too highly of EA/OSI in the past. Yes, I see this as justification of what I’ve said for more than a year. But no, I didn’t want it to turn out this way. There’s no humor in kicking a dead dog.

J., Crossroads of Shadowbane

As a public service, we here at The Corporation would like to give EA a little bit of friendly advice, one gigantic, soulless company to another.

Put the fucking bong down.

The human mind recoils in horror at such a decision. Apparently, a stuffed suit somewhere at EA-HQ was getting bored making little log cabins out of pencils on his conspicuously empty desk and decided, “Hey, we’re making too many games! We need to make less games, especially ones that might turn a profit!”

Mr. Poppinfresh, the Corporation

The majority of UO players were NOT going to drop x years of gameplay just to go to an EQ/AC hybrid set in a Techno-Britannia and, if they did, chances are they would quit UO altogether. With such a mass exodus, neither game would be paying for itself.

EA took the safe, wise course, to go dance with the girl that brung ’em, and not try to find a new one at the prom. Good call from a business perspective, possibly not good for the gamers who wanted to play it, but gaming is a business, and money drives business.

Paladin_VT, uopowergamers.com

Corporate wide, EA has big plans for PSWs (persistant state worlds) in other studios. It’s not like Origin was the only studio working on these.

David Swofford, Public Relations Manager, OSI, in interview with wellrounded.net