UOADHOC? [Author: lum]

Reading the latest from your friend in space, “Dr.” TwisTer, set me to thimkin’…

I would love to have a chat with 3 dev team members, 3 roleplayers, 3 bug users, 3 Pks, 3 neutral players, and 3 merchants. The openess of the chat that I was in last night shows that the players really can communicate their ideas, feelings and respond to other players questions honestly and without criticism.

You know, I think we can do this. The dev team may be a problem since most of them tend to be shy, cautious creatures who retreat back in their holes when they see their own shadows, but I think we can probably come up with a “summit meeting” of everyone else.

Plus, it’s confirmed that yer Lumminess WILL be going to Austin next month to call out His Royal Frilliness, so it would be a good time to compare notes.

So if you’d be interested in an adHoC chat, post a good time on the message board. I have my own IRC server, so we don’t have to find a dark corner of Undernet or something.

(Oh, and a couple of dev team folks DO read this site occasionally, so we may get some adult supervision.)

More updates later, running late today.