Gordon “Abashi” Wrinn posted the following clarification to Verant’s EQ board regarding the bannings we referred to earlier:

I’m not sure where this came from. First, no one has been banned (yet). There are three player accounts that are currently suspended, but they all play from the same location, and correlate to information on the site and ICQ profiles related to the posters.

The action is being pursued because account warnings from our warning database were copied/pasted on the message boards there. Guides and GMs have access to that warning info, and the location where those three accounts post from is also the same location as the Guide.

I’m not sure who got the idea that the operators of that site provided us with IP addresses, but they haven’t. Of course if they are willing to provide the IP address of the person who posted the account warnings, it will be the final piece of information to correlate the data to 100% certainty. We already have “beyond a reasonable doubt”, and though I could establish that if I were to discuss specifics, we can’t do that as a matter of professionalism.