UPDATE ON SRC HACK STORY [Author: wirehead]

Most folks who’ve responded to the story below of the person who found her towers transfered and characters ruined didn’t believe it. Here’s what ex-SRC Zaronia, who decided to go public, has to say in response.

Again, there are three sides to every story, and this is one of them.

Hi, I am the X src zaronia. on other shards for a short time I was Sweets or angleyes this is the story of my uo life the reason I hasted to post this was because they threating me and told me the would ban my accounts and delete my tower I did receive my tower back because I was good friends with all GMS and they knew my tower form the guild we started on GL that is why the story that you posted is now out I no longer have a account on GL or any shard I canceled them all because there was no way to rebuild what I lost or remake all the gold and weapons I had so I hope other players believe what I wrote to you and what you posted.

I am sorry they are flaming you about this post, until something happens to them they will not understand. All names will be posted tonight. I dont want to but if that is what it takes then that will be done.