“First, to address the NPK issue. It has always been our policy ever since shipping Asheron’s Call that if players make use of a bug that we did not catch, or did not have time to fix before releasing the game, we would not punish them for our mistake. Instead of spending our resources to crack down on the offenders, and do an uneven and arbitrary job of it, we direct our efforts instead toward fixing those bugs as soon as possible. The exceptions to this are with those bugs that significantly affect the performance or stability of the game.

“… The bug that allows NPKs into the Soul Stone’s dungeon has been known about for quite awhile [sic], but until now, has not had a far-reaching impact. Unfortunately, now it could potentially have a negative impact on the group of players who are pulling together to defend the last Soul Stone. While we feel it would be unfortunate and disappointing if a player or group of players would decide to exploit this bug in order to ruin the original intent of this quest, we simply do not believe in the selective punishment of players.”

For more context, check this IRC log — it appears as though the stalwart defenders are exploiting to their hearts’ content as well.

The entire process is corrupt.

Let me know when the Zone gets its own Tyrant.