Update: There Is A Cat In My Office

With Elrond still missing and presumed slaughtering small birds somewhere in the Austin wilds, here’s Ellie.

We went to the animal shelter with every intention of getting a small kitten that we could mould to our iron will acclimate to living with us comfortably. As you can see what we ended up with was neither a kitten (she was picked up as a stray, so the shelter estimated she was about 7), nor particularly small (like me, Ellie could stand to lose a good third of, well, her).

Ellie had been in the shelter since June and probably knew that it was pretty important to her future to play nice, so she crawled up in our laps and stayed there. As you might be able to tell from the photo, she has decided our house will suit her, and has deigned to allow us to feed and house her. In other words, she’s a cat.