Another view on No Recall For Aggros, from one of the many who’ve given Lum a dirtnap on Siege.

After reading your post on the subject, i’ve realized how OSI gets away with all these red nerfing patchs.

How in the world can you defend recall being disabled??

You talk about most pk’s being kids? Well kids dont last long with stat loss, most pk’s out there know what they’re doing, and yes, i’m sure out avg age is about 18.

I’ll give myself as an exemple, i’ve roleplayed an orc in 3 different
shards, (killed you a few times on SP so smile 🙂 and i also PK on a regular shard. -> “That is not PvP, that’s a virtual mugging” -> OBVIOUS! You know why it isnt PvP? because Reds have stat loss, Blues dont. I’m sorry but i’m not going to give anyone a good fighting chance if all they face upon death is the occasional 50 regs\\chain armor loss. I face 20 hours of anatomy work. Were is the “fair” part there? Even as a “virtual mugger” i still face con lost, crashes, and the occasional PvP mage who kills me in under 3 seconds. You call it rape, well OSI made it a rape. In the old days, before the stupid stat loss, you’d have war between antis\\pks, that yes was PvP.

The last thing this game has to offer is Pking. It adds the element of surprise, gets the adrenaline going. I’m not going to go monster bashing because i did that 2 years ago, i’m not going to go Blue PvP’ing because everyone else like me has a 7 gm mage. Pk’ing is the last fun option for us vets. OSI kills it, we all go away and everyone will be happy.

You rave about SP. Hey man… take away stat loss and i’d WELCOME the bloody recall going away.

Just giving you my thoughs.. There are few sites who really voice player’s opinions. I just think your voicing the perma-newbies “whose friend got killed by a pk and that sucks”, then the die hard vets who’ve been around for years now.

Ka’goth 187-Europa

So you’d think the solution would be to get rid of stat loss. I mean, it works on Siege, right? No recall, no stat loss, everyone happy. Not quite. Another post comes from Myschyf, made originally on the CoB board.

[Lum] says that you can safely walk around as a blue — I beg to differ.

Really you cannot anymore.

From the evil types scouring the countryside and jumping on everything and anything and using blue looters to loot — to legitimate reds — blues are no longer able to travel anywhere outside of town. The style of PKing (or PVP if you prefer) does not change from regular shards to SP — it is still massive bands of reds (think UDL, CE, TP, SCO) attacking small groups of blues. If you do not roleplay or are not a merchant there is no reason to be blue on SP — if you do rp or are a merchant there is no reason to leave town.

I don’t know that anything conclusive can be drawn yet from the experiment that is SP. I rather think that SP will, in about 6 more months, lose its attraction for many of the people that play there. Already it has become quite boring for many people that do not PVP and I suspect this trend will continue.

The only thing no recall has done for SP is make merchants gather around towns and make it absolutely impossible for someone to escape attack. Those people that predicted that reds would no longer be able to escape retribution by their victim’s friends were wrong. Reds use gates to escape and in any case there is little retribution by groups of antis — since there are no groups of antis — since there is no reason not to be red on SP. Those people that are merchants and/or RPers usually have friends that are the same — which is to say not fighters.

Merchants and RPers have tried to ally themselves with groups that might afford them some protection. This didn’t work as these groups more often then not turned on thier new “allies” or were not informed of the alliance. The same thing happened when ‘protection’ was hired. So those that predicted a greater interaction between these groups of diverse play styles as a result of no recall were also wrong.

I hold Lum in the highest esteem but I think that no recall is not a good substitute for stat loss, as his post suggests. It is not working on SP — it will not work elsewhere.

However, I will also say that I think no recall against agressors is a bad idea.

The situation she describes on Siege is true for the most part – there really is no large group of blues to counteract the large PK guilds. Some would say that is because Origin’s rep system drives any honest PvPer red eventually. Others would say it is more a comment on human nature than any rules system. I would say bleah.

Oh well, patch day is tomorrow, so I’m sure we’ll all forget about this when Skill Management makes everyone suddenly gain 80 points in Camping.