After much begging and pleading and promising to be good my EverQuest account was returned. Hurray!

Friday I took my untwinked level 14 rogue to oasis to kill some orcs. I quickly learned that the lower level players of today suck more than ever. The usage of commands like assist, the ability to take out the caster first, the common sense to, you know, actually be with the group rather than off selling or whatever. After four different groups three deaths and one group that took over an hour to do nothing, I logged my little rogue.

Day two: I ran out to the local BestBuy and got a 9.99 copy (yep, it was $9.99 here) of SoV. I installed, loaded the patches, thought what UI upgrade, and hopped the raft in North Ro with my level 39 necromancer, who was nearly level 40, and headed for the land of frozen.

After the mandatory long ass wait, and one boat swap later, (Hey, I saw no ice being broken!), I arrive in the IceClad Ocean. I kill a few cougars in self-defense, (these things are thick like newbie rats and green at level 39, they also hit HARD.), I also manage to kill a few Dire wolfs and Dire Wolf Stalkers and level to 40! Wee, no real loot, just a few worthless skins.

I push west to explore. I’m jumped by one, no two, no three cougars! I die, I lose level 40. My bind at the pirate camp didn’t take. I’m back at the Breaker Boat Island. I sit and wait on the boat. Several minutes later I arrive and caste shadow invis and go to get my body. I begin dragging my corpse to the waters’ edge while invis. The cougars see through my invis and aggro on me (dragging a corpse causes this?). I die again.

This time my bind at the pirate camp stuck. I do the normal prep and go get my body, loot all my stuff and head west again. I come across a dragon ring and a Snow Derv sees me, he’s green to me, this should be no problem. I die. I’m able to drag my body to the waters’ edge and loot my stuff.

I continue west. I zone in to the “Eastern Wastes” and run north along the great divide until I find a place to sit in safety. This zone is huge. I finally find a place that “looks” good, (for those that know, you can actually see safe places to rest, if you know what to look for.) and summon a pet. I med up and begin pulling Tundra Kodiacs, Wooly Mammoths, Tundra Mammoths, and A Walrus. I watch how slowly the experience is coming. I laugh to myself and continue on.

Compared to the Bard in South Karana and the Troll guards in Rathe Mountains, SoV mid and low thirties mobs suck, they drop shit loot and give absolutely pathetic experience for their hardness. They have a huge total of Hit points and they all hit very hard for their levels.

In my opinion, from what I’ve seen so far, It appears that SoV, isn’t worth the effort at this point. A level 39 necromancer would be far better off in SK or RM.