From this morning’s patch message:

Transfer of Accounts and in-game Properties (Ebay, etc.)

This is a reminder that, as per the EverQuest License Agreement, ownership transfer of accounts, characters, items (except for in-game trading/selling/buying), and any other game related properties are expressly forbidden. Doing so is in violation of the License, done at your own risk, and we (989 Studios/Sony Online Entertainment/Verant) are not responsible for any issues resulting from such a transaction, including but not limited to fraud, sales of banned or suspended characters, purchased character’s bad reputations, etc.

I suspect this is in reaction to several con artists who have sold high level accounts on eBay, and then “re-transferred” them back to themselves once the money was recieved. Caveat Emptor.

However, if you’re looking for something to sell on eBay, the spoiler to the Fiery Avenger quest has finally been posted. Unconfirmed but looks genuine.