VERANT VS THE WEB [Author: wirehead]

Another example of the fine respect Verant has for its fans — a letter sent to Wewp! when they dared to post a chat transcript.

From: "Big Scary Lawyer Gimp" <>
To: "’’" <>, "’’"
  <>, "’’" <>

 To the editors of (Wewp Entertainment):

 Currently a transcript of the Sovereign Developer’s chat (12/9/99)

 The full transcript of the chat event is the property of Sony Online
Entertainment.  Please remove the transcript of this chat from your website.
We’ll be featuring the transcript available at the official Sovereign
website shortly.  You may link to the official website at

 Thank you for attending the Sovereign Developer’s chat and for your
interest in the game.  If you want more information about the game, I’ll be
happy to assist you.  You can contact me by email at



 Sony Online Entertainment

Sorry, I’ll pass on that Sovereign link, guys. But thanks for playing our home game!