VOICES IN YOUR HEAD [Author: Lum the Mad]

Interesting thread popped up on Hackersquest the other day: someone who may or may not be claiming to be an ex-GM posted some things which may or may not be true. Depending on how you define “truth”. Or “Verant”. Or “They’ll sue for my pants if I don’t put in enough weasel words here.”

Oh hell, even if it’s all lies, they’re amusing lies. Take a gander at a sample.

EVERYTHING is tracked. I mean it, litererally everything. If you drop it, its logged, if you pick it up, its logged, if you put it in a forge, its logged. you get the picture. All trades are logged and detailed as to the items traded to whom and from whom. Your IP address is logged when you login to the game, each time you change your billing and information a record is kept. Cash is tracked, how much you have and how long you had it, a history is provided. (Cash is converted to copper, the standard and tracked that way).

EQ servers are pathetic, home brew boxes running dual pentium 3’s just recently upgraded to 800’s The code is MS C running on NT. There is one world server and then zone boxes which run multiple zones each. Forget hacking the servers, I was told there is several layers of firewall and protection, the best there is out there.

Abashi is a true A-Hole. He is now your worst enemy, as he SOMEHOW got put on the actual development team and makes decisions for EQ. Thats right , the guy that stated you can med without the book at level 32, that guy. And yes, he hates you intently, takes it as a personal battle with players. I heard about his comment when VI “fixed” the clerics hate list thing… “So clerics always complain to me they are bored, well, we will just add DEATH to their sit,med,heal, that will fix them”

Yes, the game is geared to the high level Guild players. Newbies are looked down on while uber guilds are in high regard.

The most powerful GM tool is….SNOOPING! Most of you guessed it, but yes, a GM can see what you type to anyone, entire guildchats can be snooped with an anonymous GM. Next time you pull off that scam or cheat someone, don’t be an idiot and brag to your friends…

Management cheating… Yes, they do all the time, they have the D3D at home and use it. YOu all know Lady Degarmo? “She” is a he, and a bit rough around the edges, if I may add. I have heard he playes characters on the ZEK servers and often uses the D3D to wipe out anyone he dislikes. Talk about a low life scum in my book.

Myself, I am just pissed at VI cause they are a pack of liars and you, the players really don’t know the half of it. Are you aware that everyone on the programming team now is on other projects and EQ is now being done by half-baked GM’s they promoted? Bet not…. The reason so much of EQ is hosed is because the guys working on it really are not with the program here, they are just kids with no college behind them.

Of course, since the guy’s nick is “SkrewVI” he may possibly not be the most unbiased of observers. Take a look at the entire thread here. You can also see John Smedley talking with Ashran of Hackersquest during the recent player gathering here, in what is possibly the most unflattering picture ever taken of either.