VOX POPULI ON THE DEV BOARD [Author: lietgardis]

Hello. My name is Lietgardis and I’m one of those “lonely people that post on message boards late at night,” to fit into my fellow Great Bob’s categories of Lummites.

The children of the Ultima Online community sadden me. They really do. A day of reading and reloading the CoB Dev Board is enough to make anybody fear for the future role of player input in online gaming …

Our good compatriot at Origin, Runesabre, was kind enough to post a message asking for feedback on the Test Center skill advancement changes. At the time I write, the direct replies include eight insults (including one that eloquently states “suck it” in the topic line), five off-topic posts (“GIVE US PRECASTING DAMMIT!”), and three helpful responses. Two of the helpful responses were written by the same individual. The helpful responses didn’t really include any in-depth information on what Runesabre was asking for, but the intentions were good.

What do you think this ratio of helpful/not helpful means? Players complain that Origin doesn’t ask the community for input. Origin does, and they’re told to “suck it” in reply. I’d give up.