New zone went in to EQ yesterday (Temple of Solusek Ro) although since none of my characters can survive the journey through Neriak and Lavastorm I’ll have to take everyone’s word for how cool it is. Also, every class has new armor to replace the Rubicite spawn that went away. Now instead of camping one zone, you get to camp 6 or 7, and shell out around 3000 plat besides. Pardon me while I do the Dance of Joy.

Started playing my gimpy shaman again here, btw. If you see a guy in a bear hat named Arkazon running around Crushbone in Veeshan looking clueless, give him some banded, for the love of god. I was trying to twink another character while no one else is around and lost all my banded (the bag it was in went buh-bye between logging one char out and logging another one on); got pissy and quit, got bored with UO and started playing again; posted the EQ Guide Manual; Verant threatened to sic lawyers on my fat ass; quit playing EQ again; got bored with UO again; started playing EQ again only now no one sells banded. There is a pattern up there somewhere that I steadfastly refuse to see.

Oh, and everyone pissing and moaning on the newly gimped message board about how I’m a whiner about the heat can bite me TWO times. Not only do I have somewhat more insulation than most, as can be seen in quite possibly the most embarassing picture ever taken of me, but being a son of the South, I am a firm believer that God created air conditioning for a REASON.