In case you were confused on how to be a ranter, Warden the RETARDED MONKEY!!!111!!1! gives you five easy lessons. Well, only one, but it has the strength of five because his heart is pure.

What a terrible rant! That’s your point? Haven’t you learned yet that sarcasm doesn’t carry over in a text message very well?

Here, let me fix it for you. You really have to push these things if you want to get your effect across :

oooohhhh NOW i see why the Noble House, the Military Legion and the Mercenary Band even exist — Because they provide different titles !!!! Good job WP, you had THE idea there, OH YEAH WOW THAT REALLY beats all expectations. One could have guessed that bounty-hunters get some perks from a mercenary band, or MAYBE just MAYBE that a commander from the military legion or a knight from a noble house got SOME GOD DAMN benefit from choosing it… but OH NO, GOD FORBID!!! you have made the best of it again THIS TIME, YOU LOSERS. WHO DO YOU HAVE DESIGNING THIS CRAP FOR YOU, A RETARDED MONKEY?! Really a good show there. NO REALLY!! it’s great that we can choose a guild that is NOT IN ANY SINGLE WAY different from another but carries A TEXT DESCRIPTION so that everyone knows how he has to roleplay. WOW HOW LONG DID THAT TAKE YOU MORONS TO CODE?!!

See what I mean? I think you’ll agree that the overall point comes across much more effectively if you add in a few exclamation points, capitalize for dramatic effect, and make at least one retarded monkey reference.

Alternatively, you could just come out and state your opinion, which appears to be something along the lines of : “I don’t like stuff that’s been added into the game just for flavor. If it doesn’t affect the actual mathematical equations of ToHit and damage, I couldn’t care less. Please remove it from your design immediately.”

While I still wouldn’t agree with your opinion, at least it would read better.