WARNING [Author: wirehead]

It’s Bug Warning Day. A VERY serious one now for EQ. I will NOT be posting the details on how to do this but it is rapidly becoming common knowledge in the xpl0it3r community.

It works, like most ORPG bugs, in conditions of extreme lag. Basically you can lose control of your character while you are zoning. The obvious answer would be “don’t zone”… this may be unrealistic. Unfortunately I know of no other way to prevent this bug from taking effect. I will say that it requires the victim to zone a great deal and may not be 100% effective. Of course, if it’s a character you value, it only needs to happen once.

If you get a note that someone else is logged into your character when trying to log in, your character has been stolen and the thief is NOW ONLINE with it. Hopefully you can go into EQ Chat and get the attention of a GM (yeah right) or log in another character and get the attention of an online GM (yeah right).

I have confirmation from an EQ guide that this bug is real and Verant does know about it. Will they do anything about it? Haven’t the foggiest. Until then, be careful out there.