[Abashi] Basically: The Lure spells were meant to save like lifetaps. Unfortuantely they were saving like dragon breath (dragons get better saves). They were fixed, they now save like lifetaps as was intended. It should have been preannounced, but was missed due to its low game impact. It really only affects raids on things that are immune to certain types of magic.

So in other words, Wizards were nerfed because they were actually becoming popular on dragon/planar raids. Which is BAD, mmkay? Bad. There has to be some counter to the awesome destructive power a wizard commands, were he to actually command awesome destructive power. Here’s some of the less profanity-strewn reaction, from wizards and others:

I haven’t been on many epic encounters, but my understanding is that many, many strategies relied on wizard lures. I know many guilds have been recruiting wizards madly to deal with large encounters. Wizards still have their uses I’m sure, but this just took a huge chunk out of their desirability.

Just moving toward the “tanks and clerics” vision I guess. =/

I think this nerf already happened. It would at least explain why wizards have been complaining about being resisted more on VS raids as of a few patches ago (not sure about you guys but most people kill him mainly with wizards)…also he says they ‘were’ fixed and It ‘should’ have been preannounced…I think this change has already been made.

I used to get invites from complete strangers about helping them on Trak and other kinds of raids.

I guess this will not happen anymore.

This makes me so mad. First off its a MAJOR blow to the wizard class. I can’t belive they can’t know this, they would have to be completly ignorant of in game class mechanics to have missed it. Then abashi tried to down-play the whole issue as if it isn’t even important. Wizards were liked and actually invited into groups post 50 because of this very spell line. This is perpostorous.

The quote was taken from an IRC chat which can be found at castersrealm. Did you guys catch how latter on Abashi said necro liftaps were purposefully resisted by ubber mobs to balance out their “immence power” in other areas of the game. Well now that wizards are on the same resist table as necros i would like to know what “immence power” we have that balances out our newfound uselessness in uber mob encounters. We can’t even throw in a pet or nearly unresitable dot. God this whole topic makes me so mad.

Remember, according to Verant, class interdependance is the reason people keep playing Everquest. Did he actually mean to say, “class interdependance on warriors and clerics”? Probably not. Then again, Brad McQuaid played a ranger as his play character, and we all know how overpowered they are.