WARZONE ONLINE [Author: myschyf]

Warzone Online is based on the award winning Warzone tabletop miniatures game and the Mutant Chronicles universe. Warzone Online ha[s] a rich and living background to build on and to take even further with the additional possibilities of being played online with other people worldwide. Warzone Online is currently scheduled to be an Xbox and PC title.

Warzone Online takes place in the dark future when man has left Earth in favor of other planets in the solar system. Almost 1500 years have gone by since the great Exodus and the fighting between the mega corporations has grown more intense and brutal than ever before. The corporations battle it out for the scarce natural resources that still exist in the colonized areas of the planets, humans battle the menace of the Dark Legion for the survival of the species, and everywhere is the lurking threat of betrayal.”

It looks pretty interesting given the limited time I’ve perused their website. Definitely worth a look.