Well, it was inevitable – we all sellout eventually, and I come cheaper than most.

Earlier this week I accepted the position of Project Manager for two yet-to-be released MMOG titles with a small gaming company out here in Los Angeles. It’s the industry I’ve always wanted to be in, it’s the direction I always intended to take my career towards – So with a little push from a couple folks in #lummies, last week I started actively searching (read: Not expecting it to fall into my lap) for a position. I was quite surprised to be offered that position. Quite honestly, I expected a World Builder/Design type starting, at best.

So what does all this mean (besides me being giddy)? Well, it means I won’t be able to be the Asheron’s Call editor any longer. Considering that we’d technically be in direct competition, everything I’d say would be taken with a lot of bias. So I respectfully resign from that post – and instead, after discussing it with Lum, I will stay and continue to woo you with my intellectually stimulating commentary stuff (hey, I guess that means Lum now needs an AC person).

Addendum: Just wanted to make it clear that it’s not a position that I got because of writing here (though I don’t think/see that would matter) – and I will continue to write for LtM. I love the site and everything about it, which is why I wanted to write for it in the first place. I just figured that I flap my gums about the industry enough… might as well paint a big red target on myself.

That’s all.